Samsung Galaxy A53 5G (6.5′) Silicone Cover -Awesome Peach(EF-PA536TPEGWW),Slend


Samsung Galaxy A53 5G (6.5′) Silicone Cover -Awesome Peach(EF-PA536TPEGWW),Slend

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Samsung Galaxy A53 5G (6.5′) Silicone Cover -Awesome Peach(EF-PA536TPEGWW)

Protect our phones. Help save our galaxy
See the tree and the forest. Following our Recycled Content Certification, this Galaxy A53 5G Smart S View Wallet Cover is now partially made with post-consumer recycled content*. We have also reduced the amount of plastic in our packaging to take steps to help keep the environment safe.

*Cover contains 12% recycled content.

Slender form, serious safeguarding
The Silicone Cover offers protection that can easily slide into your pocket. While keeping the slim profile of your Galaxy A53 5G intact, it helps protect your phone from shocks and bumps

Silky smooth and stylish
Soft, matte silicone surrounds your phone for a silky finish you won’t want to put down. And because it’s so comfortable in your hands, you won’t have to.

Feels as good as it looks
Designed to fit perfectly inside your palm, the silicone cover is not only smooth in its looks, but also in its touch. Grip it comfortably along its sleek, matte finish and use a strap for added convenience and personality|

*Straps sold separately.

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