Crucial MX500 250GB 2.5′ SATA SSD – 560/510 MB/s 90/95K IOPS 100TBW AES 256bit E


Crucial MX500 250GB 2.5′ SATA SSD – 560/510 MB/s 90/95K IOPS 100TBW AES 256bit E

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Crucial MX500 250GB 2.5′ SATA SSD – 3D TLC 560/510 MB/s 90/95K IOPS Acronis True Image Cloning Softwae 5yr wty 7mm w/9.5mm Adapter

Every time you turn on your computer, you’re using your storage drive. It holds all your irreplaceable files and it loads and saves almost everything your system does. Join more and more people who are keeping their family videos, travel photos, music, and important documents on an SSD, and get the near-instant performance and lasting reliability that comes with solid state storage. Upgrade with the Crucial® MX500 SSD, a drive built on quality, speed, and security that’s all backed by helpful service and support. Even if you’ve never installed an SSD, don’t sweat it – our step-by-step guide walks you through the process to make installation easy. It’s worth it.

Enjoy the efficiency of next-gen Micron® 3D NAND
Our cutting-edge components are engineered from start to finish for efficiency. As a result, the Crucial MX500 uses only a minimal amount of power and still delivers a high price-to-performance ratio – without needing a financing plan to pay for it. Experience a faster, cooler, and quieter computer in your home or business. You’ll wonder how you ever put up with a hard drive.

Upgrade with a drive you can count on
With thousands of hours of pre-release validation, dozens of SSD qualification tests, and a heritage of award-winning SSDs, the Crucial MX500 has been thoroughly tried, tested, and proven. Secure your most important files on a drive with established dependability and the advanced features MX-series SSD’s are known for.

Micron® quality – a higher level of reliability.

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